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Water for Peace: extinguishing the fire of war and conflict

Dr. Ahmed Abukhater | TEDxBoulder

Water is life. However, people often think of water as a generator of conflict and a likely source of war. Dr. Ahmed Abukhater turns this idea on its head by viewing water as a venue for cooperation, reflecting on his own experience growing up in Gaza and his recent work (Water as a Catalyst for Peace).

Equitable allocation of water not only can help in building trust between disputing nations, but also can set the stage for other major issues, e.g. land, sovereignty, and borders to be amicably resolved. Water can bind people together instead of dividing them.


Raised during the Palestinian Intifada (Uprising), Dr. Abukhater recognized the value of water as the sustainer of life and peace. His life and work are dedicated to finding pragmatic ways to bring peace to disputing nations globally, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Water itself can and should be used as a catalyst for peace to cement comprehensive and lasting agreements ending years of hostility and bloodshed.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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Innovation 2020: Lessons from Practice

Dr. Ahmed Abukhater | IMPACT Innovation Summit 

Innovation is all about creating measurable, quantifiable, and demonstrable value to both your customer and business. It is your ability to build the right product, for the right market, build it right with the right tools, processes and resources, and build it fast so you do not miss the market window. This presentation introduces the innovation ecosystem and provides valuable lessons from practice to help you establish an effective culture of innovation to reward the right behavior with a maniacal focus on the customer.

Key Takeaways:

- Innovation and product management as a competitive advantage.

- Innovation ecosystems are critical component in your organizational digital transformation journey.

- Digital transformation is not an event, it is a journey and it is all about people, not tools or processes.

GIS meets BIM - Analysis meets Design

Ahmed Abukhater talks about the groundbreaking Pitney Bowes/Autodesk Partnership. This strategic partnership aims at delivering end-to-end solution for government and infrastructure development projects to help state and local government agencies in expediting infrastructure development initiatives.

San Francisco Redevelopment Project - Truly Integrated 3D GIS

In this webinar, you will learn how TomTom, Pitney Bowes and Autodesk have teamed up to offer 3D GIS visualization and design solutions that organizations can apply to better plan, analyze and manage their capital assets. During this webinar, we’ll dig in to the Presidio Parkway Redevelopment project.

Geo-Enabling Digital India: Integrated end-to-end mission oriented GIS solutions

Keynote session at the 2014 Esri User Conference, by Dr. Ahmed Abukhater, Mapping and GIS Director, Trimble.

See how the combined Esri and Trimble technology helps to streamline field to office data collection, analysis, sharing and collaboration.

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Intelligent Cities - National Building Museum

Ahmed Abukhater is the global industry manager for community development at Esri, and is an adviser for the National Building Museum's Intelligent Cities initiative. He talks about what makes a city intelligent with smart technology at its core.

Put a Map in It

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to use next generation geo-processing technology and process automation to massively scale your output.

Dimensions Interview: Ahmed Abukhater

V1 Media interviews Ahmed Abukhater, Sr. Director, GIS, Trimble. They discuss several geospatial products and how they benefit and empower customers; office-to-field workflows; geospatial cloud platform; data management opportunities and actionable data; data-collection software; data processing and purpose; balancing new acquisitions and existing brands; and more..

Webinar: City of Vancouver

Ahmed Abukhater explains how the partnership of Autodesk and Pitney Bowes Software will benefit GIS practitioners within municipal government. With a combined solution from both organizations, GIS and BIM users are empowered to effectively realize more unified infrastructure lifecycles, Plan > Design> Build> Manage.

Charting the Course to A Better Future: A New Vision for Change

This is the keynote address (by Dr. Ahmed Abukhater, Global Industry Manager for Community Development) at the first Esri/USAID conference in Palestine held in early November, 2010. The title of this presentation is Charting the Course to A Better Future: A New Vision for Change.

Driving Competitive Advantage Through Innovation 

Dr. Ahmed Abukhater talks at the 2017 Product Management Festival in Zurich about viewing product management as a competitive advantage and differentiating capability. Building the right product, building it right and building it fast are all important aspects of organizational success. Needless to say, it all begins and ends with the customer, and product management is at the heart of it!


In order to deliver superior innovation and products, functional excellence in Product Management must be utilized as a competitive advantage and a differentiating capability, rather than simply another function.

Operational GIS: Driving Place-Based Insights for Business Analytics

Leveraging Big Data and location intelligence to your advantage for your business insights means thinking of all data as GIS data and thinking of all GIS data simply as data.